“Ignorance is Bliss.”

Have you experienced Cypher’s kiss, the sting of someone’s betrayal? It hurts, no question. However, if you turn the situation over to God, He can use even the worst  attack to propel you toward your destiny, making the devil wish that he never messed with you in the first place. When you find yourself feeling […]

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The Woman in the Red Dress

The woman in the red dress represents distraction. The devil knows that you are unstoppable if you are focused on God and His Word, so the devil will do all he can to disrupt that focus. The scene in The Matrix in which Morpheus uses the training program containing the woman in the red dress […]

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“There is No Spoon.”

Before he dodged bullets, Neo learned how to “change the laws of physics” on something far more harmless–a spoon that doesn’t exist. Although this seen may appear to be cute scene with the little bald kid in a monk’s robe, to me it is one of the most profound scenes in the entire Matrix trilogy […]

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Our Name is NEO!

Who do you say you are? If you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you’d probably say, “I am a Christian.” However, do the words you say and think about yourself agree with the statement “I am a Christian”? This is a vital question every Christian must ask him or herself because […]

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“Take the Red Pill”

Well, time to switch things up! This blog will focus on the adventures of Neo in The Matrix. I love The Matrix because it offers one of the best descriptions of how people are born into sin. With no further ado, let’s see what Morpheus has to say about it. When I first saw this […]

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