“Hello, My Name is Ariel, and I Will Be Your Writer, Today.”

My name is Ariel Klay. I’m an aspiring freelance writer and motivational speaker. When I’m not working my day job as an in-home caregiver, I write about science fiction and the Bible. I know it may sound like an odd combination, but I’ve been interested in science fiction almost as long as I’ve been a Christian. So use blogging as an opportunity to encourage others by using science fiction as a modern parable to talk about Jesus. For example, in my post “My Ally is the Force and a Powerful Ally it is,” I write about how Anakin lays down his life for his son, Luke, much in the same way Jesus lay down His life to save humanity from its sins. I have found that just as Jesus’ audience was familiar with the agricultural illustrations He used, I find that most people are familiar with science fiction. Moreover, science fiction usually deals with large social issues such as racism, elitism, oppression, good vs. evil, etc. All of these topics marry very nicely with Jesus’ teachings. Of course science fiction stories do not always fit neatly with the Bible, but I’ve found enough parallels between the Bible and science fiction to suit my purpose, which is to encourage. We live in a challenging world and I like to remind people they do not have to face life alone. I like to tell people there is a God out there Who loves them and is personally interested in what they are going through. The fact that I can use my interest in and love of science fiction to talk about Jesus is a wonderful bonus.

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